It all started when…

This wine label, started by the Caron Family late 2018, focusses on one of the cornerstones of their daily life: wine! Over the last years this grape juice has become more and more momentous to the family for a sublime evening. Particularly the versatility and attraction of red wine has become a favourite fragment for conversation and the idea for an own wine was born. An unpretentious, uncomplicated and most of all delicious wine that suits any occasion. Under these conditions the quest for a wine producer was started.

Right in the center of the Loire valley, a little south from the city of Tours, winemaker Vincent Leclair was met. Together with Vincent his Gamay Noir grapes were vinified in LOWEL, a modest, youthful, graceful styled wine titled after the youngest brother of the Caron family. 

A wine best served chilled which shows flavours such as red berries being raspberry and strawberry with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. A great guide for any occasion: afternoon drinks, barbecuing, picknicks or with diner. LOWEL is served straight from the fridge and is enjoyed finest between 8-12 degrees celsius. 

This ruby-red wine accompanies greatly with light cheeses, charcuterie, paté and other cold cuts. At the dinertable, LOWEL is perfect with different kinds of poultry such as guinea fowl, organic chicken and duck. Also an appreciable partner with veggie pie and lean meat such as veal and pork.